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Some useful data that you may not find elsewhere. These files are Zipped PDF files, and will require unzipping and a PDF viewer

Advance H1 signal generator

AVO (Douglas & Macadie) No1 & No3 Coil winder instruction manual (1MB)

AVO Coil winder - a Discussion(PDF), by Mike Phelan. This was prepared from my coil winder, but the work was done by Mike,and he retains the copyright.

AVO (Douglas & Macadie) Wave Winder and Progressive Wave Winder instruction manual (includes counter-shaft with electro-magnetic trip)(1MB).

AVO - Douglas & Macadie Coil Winder Catalogue (14MB)

AVO Test Set No1 This similar to the AVO 8 Mk1 or Mk2 (handbook with circuit). 976KB

AVO Multiminor Mk4 (Handbook with circuit). 641KB

AVO TT169 Transistor Tester (user handbook) 1.5MB

AVO Model 8 spares list. 535KB Thanks to Ed Dinning and Chris Colebrook for the information.

AVO Model 8 service manual. 4.7MB Thanks to Ed Dinning and Chris Colebrook for the information.

AVO Model 7 User manual. 4MB Thanks to Ed Dinning and Chris Colebrook for the information.

AVO model 7 Mk 2 User manual. 3.3MB Thanks to Ed Dinning and Chris Colebrook for the information.

AVO VCM 163 1.5MB Operating instructions for the AVO VCM 163 valve characteristic meter (valve tester).

Bang & Olufsen "Beolit 600" Model 1201. (original sheet included with set. Circuit diagram/ assembly instructions, also hand drawn dial cord layout)2.3 MB

Cossor 1039M Mk2 Oscilloscope (6MB) zipped PDF file of the manual.

General Electric Tunnel Diode Curve Tracer. 340kB. Design for a simple curve tracer for testing Tunnel Diodes. Taken from the General Electric Tunnel Diode Manual (1st edition).

Goblin Electric Clock Servicing. (380kB) This is an excellent article detailing the cleaning and servicing of Goblin electric clock movements, written by Mike Phelan, who retains the copyright.

Megger applications booklet. (3.45MB) This booklet shows some of the applications of the Megger range of insnstruments, and gives some theory. Donated by "Radio Dave".

Megger Theory. (Taken from "Telephony Volume 1", Atkinson, 1949 edition. Theory of operation of the Evershed & Vignoles "Megger" instruments) 3MB.

Qaurtzlock AE198 active aerial (2MB) .PDF manual.

Qaurtzlock 2A off air frequency standard (3MB) .PDF manual.

Radio & Television Servicing 1946 to 1964 (searchable .PDF file, covering the full contents of the Radio and Television Servicing books between 1946 and 1964) 1MB

Repanco (PDF file of the instruction leaflet supplied with Repanco two band coils, covers one and two valve designs, mains and battery) 0.5MB

Shorted Turn Detection in Transformers. This is part of an application note for the Tektronix Type "O" plug-in for 500 series oscilloscopes. It details the measurement of B-H curves for transformer cores, one result of which is the detection of a shorted turn within the windings.

Taylor 110C capacitance meter. Instruction book only.(2.6MB) Donated by "Radio Dave".

Tektronix 1480 series waveform monitors service and operating manual (30MB, no diagrams yet).

Telequipment D61A (full handbook with diagrams and calibration data) 3.9MB

For a list of some of the manuals I have, but don't have space to place on the server, click on this link Manual List

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